At the Shelter we've been building our recording setup around a great sounding live room - acoustically treating this space has been our main priority and it seems most bands agree it sounds awesome in the Red Room.

We've also acquired some great recording equipment, here's the run down on it.

The Main Audio Suite

- Mac Pro 2x Quad Core 2.8GHz, 8GB RAM - Plenty of processing to stack the plug-ins

- Pro-tools 9 and Sonar recording and editing software with a host of great plug-ins

- Allen & Heath Zed16R - 16 lovely mic-pres with A-D conversion plus analog monitoring for zero latency

Microphones and DIs

- Vocals: ATM710 large diaphragm condenser, Rode NT2 large diaphragm Condenser

- Kick Drum: AE250DE Dual Element time aligned Condenser + Dynamic

- Instruments: ATM350 Clip on Condenser (toms, brass), AE5100 Pencil Condenser (drum overheads, percussion, acoustic strings), ATM450 side address condenser (guitar & bass Amps, strings, piano, brass), SM57 and ATM650 Dynamic (snare, amps)

- DIs: Whirlwind Passive DIs (mono/stereo options)

- Vintage: We also have access to a host of classic tube pre and ribbon microphones for your project.

Patching and Monitoring

- 24 XLR Channels running to control from each of our 2 rooms, so we can split instruments between rooms at ease.

- Guitar jack patch bay between red room and green room so amps can be isolated but players can be in same room for better feel.

- 5 way headphone amplifier for simultaneous monitoring.

Instruments and Backline (Not included in recording costs)

- Kawai 88 key upright piano - kept well tuned

- Pearl Export 4 piece drum kit

- Guitar Rig Hughes & Kettner tri amp head + Quad

- Bass Rigs Ashton/Hartke/Peavey/Wasp head + Cabs

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Sometimes nothing compares to the feel of a live show. We own an Alesis 24 channel hard drive recorder specifically for making multitrack recording of live music in any venue. We can then bring the audio back into our studio and mix and master it for an awesome sound.


If you are taking the time to make a great live recording, having some video footage to sync it with can be great exposure for youtube and facebook, plus can be useful material to provide to booking agents. Having a good sound bed for the video is critical because it's all about the music!

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