The Shelter has quite some years of experience under it's roof in our regular engineers. We're all passionate musicians with a severe technical addiction that comes in handy when you want to get your songs down or need an epic live sound.

Andrew Gelao

Andrew started working with sound around 15 years ago. One of the founders of the Shelter Studio, Andrew got into sound recording and mixing through playing music. He was a venue engineer in the early 2000s working with a golden age of Australian artists like Faker, Gyroscope and Wolfmother, which inspired him to start making and mixing multitrack live recordings. He has been involved in some amazing festivals like Homebake, The Great Escape and the Big Day Out as systems engineer and FOH mixer. Since the Shelter opened its doors Andrew has produced recordings for great local artists like Astronaut Frank, Psyrens and Red Bee's Live at the Shelter appearance. These days he's kept pretty busy with large scale live events, however he still loves the chance to jump back in the studio to record a band. Rock, Grunge, Punk and the like is a particular specialty.

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