The Shelter is a great place to record your songs, with comfortable facilities that allow a variety of approaches, Including jumping straight into our live room and just going for it!

The Red Room, our main live room has been acoustically treated to allow us to mic up and capture a great sounding live recording, capturing the energy of a band playing together at once. A very cost effective way for a well rehearsed band to get a great sounding demo or release.


The Multitrack recording from a live setup can be added to with overdubs. To build an even cleaner sound, we can move the amplifiers from the live room into the green room - our iso space, so that the drums can be captured cleanly, but the feel benefits from keeping all the players in the live room together.


While it can be a more time consuming approach, layering the individual instruments one by one leads to a slick sounding recording, and allows each sound to be manipulated individually within the mix. Further layering of takes helps to bring real depth to a band's sound.

What approach you take is really up to you - but we're here to help you with it...

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