Even though music can be shared so easily via the web now, CDs are still a great way to get your music out there - especially at live shows where you have your audience in front of you.

Below are some commonly requested packages, but all styles and types of disc packing can be accomodated, including USB drives - so feel free to ask.

CD Duplication Rates

Full colour prints, professional duplication and verification with:

2 page Cardboard Sleeve
100 for $325 ($3.25 ea)
200 for $595 ($2.98 ea)
500 for $1125 ($2.25 ea)

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Jewell case plus 4 page booklet
100 for $420 ($4.20 ea)
200 for $750 ($3.75 ea)
500 for $1390 ($2.78 ea)

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Other Packaging Options include: 4 Page Cardboard Sleeve | Jewell Case with 2 page Booklet | Jewell Case with 6+ Page Booklet | CD Slimline Case with insert (CD single) | CD Tray Packs with 2+ pages | Direct CD Mailers | USB Flash Drives

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Quality is maintained by using the best quality CD discs available, and full colour, detailed print quality across all forms of packaging.

These rates do not include graphic design, although we can tailor artwork design packages for you. Alternatively we can provide you with artwork templates to create your own designs.

Ask for a specific artwork template or design package