In the end, it's all about playing music to the people right? We love live music so we have PA and lighting available to hire for parties and concerts

Mini Party PA Pack: 20-60 people

A very simple 1000W PA that supports a mic input and a line input. Comes with 1 wired vocal mic and stand, plus cabling. Suits solo vocalist, hip hop with DJ, small parties and events.


Includes: 1x QSC K12 powered speaker with stand, 1x ATM610 Vocal microphone, iPod/laptop input, all cables

Medium Band PA Pack: 60-300 people

2000W vocal PA, supporting upto 4 mics and 2 stereo line inputs, very easy to operate. Great for large parties, small venues, bands with multiple vocalists and DJs who like it thumpin!


Additional Mics $20 each

Includes: 2x QSC K12 powered speaker with stand, 1x Allen&Heath Zed10 mixer, 2x ATM610 Vocal microphone, iPod/laptop input, all cables.

Mini Lighting Pack: 20-60 people

Very simple lighting setup on a floor stand. Coloured LED Par cans can be set to static or selection of auto programs.


Includes: 4x LED Par Cans, 3m floor stand, all cables

Medium Party Lighting Pack: 60-300 people

To make things look a little flashier, just add some intelligent moving lights and a smoke machine!


4x LED Par Cans, 2x Moving head effects spotlight, smoke machine (optional), 3m floor stand, all cables

Full PA, lights with Operator: 100-500 people

4000W of serious PA, some basic lighting with an engineer to mix you. Digital desk, full mic kit, FOH PA and 2 wegdes on separate sends. This package can, of course, be added to.


Extra PA available at additional cost.
Free delivery between Lithgow and Springwood

Includes: Front of House PA, 2 wedge monitors, 1x Band microphone kit as required, 4 LED Par Cans, Sound Engineer to setup and operate (8 hours maximum total setup/show/packdown)

Book PA and Lighting Hire
Delivery and collection can be arranged, free setup with delivery of any mini or medium package.
- Blue Mountains (Between Springwood and Lithgow) $70 each way
- Beyond $95 each way


Yes, we can do festival size PAs, full lighting design and projection setups. If that's the sort of thing you're after, best to contact us to discuss your technical requirements.


We also work with some great Blue Mountains venues and promoters who work hard to keep the local music scene alive. They are always looking for professional musicians who can put together a succesful show: